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As already outlined above, Costcare Medical Supplies Ltd was established as a preferred local company purposely to link medical consumers in Uganda with Medical manufacturers/suppliers all over the world. It specializes in procurement and supply of medical and Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Reagents and Consumables, Diagnostic apparatus, Rapid Test Kits and Technical Support Services on all types of Medical and Laboratory Equipment at very competitive prices.

Most importantly we offer an inspirational after sales service by regular follow-up checks, which most foreign companies do not undertake after selling equipment to clients. At Costcare, we value customer retention.

Costcare Medical Supplies Ltd is destined to deliver Quality Assurance and Control (QA/QC) services to institutions and Biomedical Laboratories in Uganda with a focused goal of accreditation of such facilities to the International Organization Standardizations (ISO).

Costcare Medical Supplies Ltd has the capacity to procure, supply, install and service any equipment right from the smallest laboratory or Medical equipment to large equipment like x-rays and C.T Scan. We are therefore interested having agency and memorandum of understanding with reputable foreign-based manufacturers and distributors in our business field.
So far the company has served the following clients that include Clinics, Hospitals and Institutions:-

Our mission is to be the recognized market share leader in the Biomedical Scientific Era including Basic research and healthcare business chain services segment in which we compete, as measured by the satisfaction and loyalty of our employees, customers, and shareholders. “At Costcare we mind about the cost”.





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