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Cat #: R7500  

Personal Test Tube Racks, Holds 13mm tubes, 42 place, Rows: 6 x 7

Cat #: R7513  

Racks for 250ml Tubes, Rack, 6 x 250ml bottles,

Cat #: R7525  

Foam Tube Racks, Octagonal, 83 x 6.4mm, Fits 0.25, 0.5ml tubes

Cat #: R7620  
Cat #: R7652  
Cat #: R7860  

Clear Autoclavable Microtube Racks, Support rack, 40 x 0.5ml, (also fits 0.75ml)

Cat #: R7871  
Cat #: R7930  

4-Way Tube Racks, Rack, Small racks for 4 x 50ml, 12 x 15ml, 32 x

Cat #: R8400-A  
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